Intl. Chapter Officers Forum Meeting

Posted: 5/27/2018

We wanted to share this update from the 10 May 2018 ICOF Meeting, provided to us by our chapter president, Mike Borns.

BACKGROUND: One time a year the ICOF meeting is hosted by USNAAA at Annapolis, in early May. Chapter Presidents or other chapter representatives attend and are provided updates. This is a quick summary of the most recent meeting. In the near future, if you go to the national site, you will be able to view all the slides that were presented.

* Whose In? 79,500 members, 101 chapters to include newest in South Korea, 84 Parents’ Clubs, 10 decades of classes represented, oldest living grad is ADM Keates ’35. ADM Locklear ’77 is new Chairman of Board of Trustees replacing ADM Natter.

* New Other Chapter Trustees include Research Triangle N.C, Oregon, and Jacksonville with Scott Bethmann ’80 the Trustee. All will serve three year term.

* Chapter Memberships and Websites: Lots of discussion about this and focus on Word Press as a Website applications and Membership enrollment and accounting through national. Your local board will be looking at this and any opportunity to improve our website and ability to track membership.

* Large Chapters: Discussion on this and how national tracks local chapter membership. Based on Jax recent membership drive getting into the category of “ Large Chapter” and associated Large Chapter Trustee is within reach. It is something your board will be putting some focus on. Annual counts are done by national with the last triennial count done in 2017.

* National Membership: Big challenge is updating personal information. If you haven’t recently hit the national site to check on your personal information it might need some updating. Go to

* Alumni Center: It’s coming. It will be across the road and outside the yard from the baseball stadium. Lease in place for property which is government owned, plans being finalized. Will offer center for alumni to congregate with view of Academy grounds to the East.

* Commandant Update: Current commandant is CAPT Chadwick ’91 who is entering second year. This is two year assignment. He stood in for Supe who was at NAPS graduation. His presentation was pretty global but notes of interest:
** Drug Issue this past year: Issue brought forward by midshipmen which is highpoint of otherwise low point.
** Construction: Parking garage done and diggers and fillers working on new CYBER Center. Improvement of Ricketts Hall underway to allow for more space for NAAA staff.
** Third of new class has one year of either college, foundation prep school or Naps.
** 37% of class minority.
** Service Selection is now “Service Assignment.” This means working with mids through the four years to determine best fit while mids work with various warfare specialty committees. 25% Marine, 94.7% Unrestricted line, 99% first choice.
*** A more detailed one hour presentation given on this by Director who runs the program.
** N Star Competition. Fall set not so good but in spring numbers improved.
** Smart grads this year with one Rhodes and a number of other prestigious scholarships.
** “Positive Pressure with Purpose,” is the watchword from administration.
** Grad rates at 88% or a little higher.

* Foundation Fund Drive: $400 million dollar drive will go public soon. To date about $330 million raised through significant donors in more quiet fashion. More to come on this soon.
** Presentation given on Foundation Scholarship Programs that send prospective candidates to one year of college/prep school which is different than NAPS. The selected schools apparently put up some money, the Foundation does and then the families put some money to it as well. Frequently these are recruited athletes in sports that are not played at NAPs.

* Distinguished Chapter Awards: First year with winners being Hampton Roads, Upper Midwest, North Carolina, and Oregon. This will be an annual program going forward.

* Chapter Training: In this part of the meeting best practices for chapters and engagement are shared, information from individual chapters such as Navy Notre Dame at San Diego and what is happening with such an event, and chapters get to have back and forth exchange with national administrators involved in engagement.

* HOW TO GET IN: Great presentation given by outgoing “Other Chapter Trustee,” who served on Admissions Committee on Board Of Trustees. His observations were based on three years of interface with Admissions and watching what goes on. So this is not Admissions ‘Dean Latta info, or necessarily BGO info. Just one observer thinking about some basic rules of thumb that might be helpful to young people. They are:
1. FILL OUT ALL THE FORMS, AND DO THEM COMPLETELY. In part this can become some of the weeding out process.
2. MAKE SURE YOU IDENTIFY EVERY SOURCE OF NOMINATION THAT YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR AND APPLY. That would include all congressional sources through categories such as presidential nominations. Don’t limit yourself.

* If anybody has any questions of what goes on at these meetings give me a shout. Eventually portions of it will be posted on National Alumni Association Website under ICOF. Thanks for your support of our Academy and the local Chapter.

-Mike Borns ‘70