The USNAAAJAX 2018 Membership Drive is open on our website.  We are pushing to reach over 250 registered members this year and your great turn out at the golf tournament, Army-Navy game and the bowl game have given us the momentum to reach our goal.  Remember if you are active duty the membership is free but we still need you to sign up to give us credit for your membership with the National Alumni Association in Annapolis, so click on the link and sign in please.  For all other alumni, the cost is only $20.00 for the year.  

Please join our chapter! If you would like to register or renew your membership online, please click here.

If you would like to send a check, please fill out the form below. CAPT Scott Bethmann, ’80, SC, USN (Ret) will contact you with instructions.

Our dues for regular members are $20 per year, and active duty is always free.

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To learn more about being a member of our chapter, please read below.


1. Background: Membership and the level of membership in the Jax chapter allows for the chapter to:

* Provide direct support to USNA and the Brigade of Midshipmen in the form of Summer Program scholarship and financial support.

* Provide direct support to midshipmen by supporting the local Parents’ club and the work that they do for current and incoming classes.

* Provide direct support to the Link in the Chain Program.

* Provide direct support to the BGO program by recruiting BGO Officers where possible, and supporting the regional coordinator whenever assistance is required.

* Provide direct support to the Admissions Office by being involved with Admissions Forums, providing information to area school districts, and helping coordinate Parents’ Club involvement at Admissions Forums (Navy Notre Dame Example).

* Direct support to area alumni in the form of communications with respect to all matters Alumni Association, relocation support, professional support through business networking programs, social programs and get togethers, interactions and information exchanges with other military organizations, speaker programs from Senior Leadership team at the Naval Academy through midshipmen as well as local military and civilian leaders.

* Direct involvement with local chambers of commerce to help heighten awareness of USNA, as well as then share any information from those organizations that might be relevant to alumni.

* Funding of administrative programs such as website maintenance and service, commercial applications that are operating on the website such as payment schemes, offsets of actual full costs for various social events and speaker recognition, funding sometimes of guest speakers to encourage them to come (past example football coach where chapter funded airline ticket, transportation to and from the event), funding of events such as the Navy Notre Dame All Alumni Come Around (which in turn generated $3500 raised through admissions which went to K-9 for Warriors), food support for some game watches, among others.

* Allows local opportunity to catch up with classmates, shipmates whatever your status as active duty, retired, or employed., by simply staying engaged.

2. Membership Details:

* Membership is open to all alumni and surviving spouses.

* Membership is $20 a year.

* Membership drives will be coordinated in January of each year, with information available both on the website, as well as direct email communications. An adjunct of the annual membership drive will be membership invitation on any flyer announcing a speaker event or other gathering of members such as Wall Climbers.

* Membership ensures that members will be on all email blasts to the chapter.

* Membership qualifies individuals for board and officer positions, which then ensures turnover, new ideas, new energy and a better chapter for all.

3. Benefits Of Membership:

* Continuous and timely information regarding alumni and the Naval Academy.

* Multiple opportunity for contact with fellow alumni.

* Back up to information available from national or information on whom to call at national for an issue.

* Professional and career support. Networking.

* Relocation information.

* Guest speaker program.

* Social events.

* Game watches.

* Golf tournaments

* Opportunities for volunteer support (multiple examples from Navy Notre Dame, which helped make the event a success for our city and chapter.)

* Individual class support (mini-reunions)

* Connections: Do you know anyone who works at??

* Direct support of the Naval Academy and Brigade of Midshipmen.

* Opportunity to influence and support interest in USNA within the community.